Major Developments: Japan and the Pacific Rim

  • Liberal Democratic Party
    • Gained control of the gov't in 1955
      • No shifts in party administration until 1993
  • From the 1950s onward Japan concentrates on economic growth
    • "Japan incorporated"
  • By 1983 Japan's GNP was equal to that of China, North and South Korea, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Australia and Brazil combined!
  • Automobile maunfacturing became a major indusrty.

Pacific Rim
  • Korea splits into communist (Soviet influenced) North Korea and democratic (US sponsored) South Korea.
    • North = People's Democratic Republic of Korea (...?)
    • South = Republic of Korea
  • Korean War breaks out
  • Hong Kong is decolonized by the British and returned to China in1997
  • Economies in the Pacific Rim began to explode as well
    • South Korean textile, steel, and automobile (Hyundai) industries boomed, strengthening their economy.