The issue that is being discussed in the news lately is a result of North Korea's unhappy reaction to the South's decision to run joint military exercises with the U.S. The exercises are being held in the South Korean controlled sea's near the North Korean territory and China. The North Korean's find these friendly military drills to be dangerous and threatening. In turn, North Korea issued its own threats of dire consequences if the drills continue to take place. South Korea was even hit by an "accidental" artillery shell that killed four civillians. The South Korean response was quite peaceful though it could've been slightly less docile. North Korea simple feels that their safety is in jeopardy with the U.S fleet so close by and training with the South. The South Koreans and the United States feel that this reaction is ludicrous since the intentions of these drills were clearly stated to the North before they were undertaken. They dismiss the North's reaction as "internal propaganda" just as the North Koreans call the South's reports of civillian casualties a "propoganda campaign". Overall, the North is displaying irrational behavior and needs to demonstrate that they can change their ways and come to the table for negotiations. The resumption of the Six-party talks is vital to the resolution of the Korean conflict. Technically, North and South Korea are still at war, and a negotiation must be made so that this hostility can be put to rest.